Networking Cafe Webinar

Networking Cafe Webinar

You are invited to the Networking Cafe with Dr. Ivan Misner 

It's the simple things!

How many times have you gone looking for the magic bullet to solve your marketing issues? Have you ever thought "If I just mastered social media" or "If i can just find the right radio station"?  More typically in our world we hear "If I could just find the right networking group" or "If only they would just get it".

When it comes to generating more referral business ofter we are in the right place, with the right people.  We just need to concentrate more on the simple things and we could achieve great results.  Listen as Dr. Misner discusses some of the obvious, simple things we could/should be doing to get us on the path to our desired results.

The webinar is  every month, 10:00 am Pacific Standard Time. Actual date are dependent on Dr. Misner's Schedule.